"Julia Eve is an absolute star to work with. Not only is she a talented narrator who has really brought my words to life, she's responsive, invested, and genuinely a pleasure to work with. Julia helped to make my first foray into audiobooks a huge success, and I would not hesitate to recommend working with her to anyone." 

Elizabeth Bramwell, Author of the Regency Romps series

Full time, professional audiobook narrator

Home Studio with a Studiobricks One Plus Vocal Booth

Native RP/Estuary British Accent

Ever since studying English Language and Literature at King's College, London I have been passionate about books and reading.  As a trained actor I love telling stories and creating wonderful character voices. 

Well suited to narrating Regency Romance and Historical Mysteries I also have experience in Horror, Fantasy, Children's and Non-fiction.  I am open to working in other genres. Maybe I could bring your story to life?


For more information contact me at

M/F Characters - 3rd person - Regency Romance - Julia Eve
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Regency Character Voices M/F - Julia Eve
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3rd Person - Regency Romance - First meeting of lead characters - Julia Eve
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3rd person Narrative - Historical - Julia Eve
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"Julia is an excellent narrator of audiobooks.  She has a real feel for expression and character."

Linda Stephenson, Author of Miss Hewitt Investigates series

1st Person - Horror - Julia Eve
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Historical Murder Mystery

Miss Hewitt.JPG

Miss Hewitt Investigates series

By Linda Stephenson

Published by Jasper Rabbit Books

Miss Hewitt Investigates

The Return of the Ripper

(Miss Hewitt Investigates Book 1)

Miss Hewitt Investigates

The Man in the Tree

(Miss Hewitt Investigates Book 2)

Available on Audible US

Listener reviews:

The narrator Julia Eve does a wonderful job bringing the characters to life. She has wonderful diction and timing. This is an enjoyable listening experience that reminds me of old-time radio stories. 

Her narration was very enjoyable and she really bought the characters to life, using a variety of distinct voices.

Julia Eve performs the audio edition of this book, taking us in time travel back to 1915 England. With careful diction, Eve modulates between the accents of the different classes and uses clearly defined voices for each of the characters. Her performance lives up to the excitement of the book, and I look forward to hearing her narrate the other two books in this trilogy. 


The Shadow Man

By Mark Brownless

Listener Reviews:

The narrator did a phenomenal job at bringing the book to life as it was descriptive and detailed.


Great narration and twist ending highly recommended 


Regency Romance


The Regency Romps Series

By Elizabeth Bramwell

Published by Chinook Sun

The Dashing Widow (Regency Romps Book 1)

The Rebel Wife

(Regency Romps Book 4)


The Independent Heiress

(Regency Romps Book 7)

Coming soon to Audible

The Foolish Friend

(Regency Romps Book 2)


A Novel Miss

(Regency Romps Book 5)


The Devilish Duke

(Regency Romps Book 8)

Coming soon to Audible

His Darling Belle

(Regency Romps Book 3)


The Alter Ego

(Regency Romps Book 6)

Coming soon to Audible

Listener Reviews:

Julia is such a wonderful narrator. I love her voice, her accent, her charm and the character she brings to these stories. She really makes these something special. 


Julia Eve does a splendid job narrating a book that is comparable to any Heyer novel, and adds that extra layer of light-hearted fun to all of the voices of the characters as in the previous book.


Julia offers a fantastic performance. Her voice is melodic and easy to fall into. Her male voices are great too! 


I have both read the book and listened to the audio book, compliments of the author, narrated by the very talented Julia Eve, who has an amazing range of voices, and made listening to this book a real pleasure. 


Let's start with the narration of Julia Eve since it was the highlight of the book for me. I loved Julia's British accent . It was clear and her pacing was great. I enjoyed that she did different voices for each of the characters, as it helped the story become more alive. This was my first audio from Julia Eve, but I'll definitely be listening to more in the future. 

Ravishing Regencies.JPG

Ravishing Regencies series

By Emiliy E K Murdoch

Peril With A Prince (Ravishing Regencies Book 0)

Marooned With A Marquis

(Ravishing Regencies Book 4)

Voyage With A Viscount

(Ravishing Regencies Book 5)

Beached With A Baronet

(Ravishing Regencies Book 6)

Catastrophe With A Count (Ravishing Regencies Book 7)

Emigrating with an Earl

(Ravishing Regencies Book 8)

Listener Reviews:

Julia Eve did an outstanding job with the narration. She has the perfect voice for this Historical Romance.

Narration was just perfect to my ears anyway.

As always my favorite part of this series is the narrator. She brings the story to life. 

It was beautifully read, the narrator moving through the story and the tangled emotions with a very listenable clarity and ease. She made the interior world of the characters in the story come alive vividly.

The narrator, Julia Eve, did a marvellous job with the female characters of all ages, and she suffused the butler with a great deal of wry humour. 

I thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Eve's narration. Her beautiful British voice lends itself well to the characters and she puts an enormous amount of life and emotion into the storyline.


The narration was very good throughout. She has an authentic English accent with a tinge of Cockney. She is quite good at male and female voices and excellent at bringing across the humor from the text. The butler character is especially funny. The narrator is especially good at the passionate love scenes. 


Regency Tales

By Gayle Buck

Season of Joy

(Regency Tales Book 1)

Christmas Cheer

(Regency Tales Book 3)

Coming soon to Audible

The Holybrooke Curse

(Regency Tales Book 4)

Listener Reviews

The narration was very enjoyable as Julia bought the characters to life, using a variety of distinct voices.


The performer has a pleasant voice and provides a delightful narration.

Julia Eve has successfully created even more voices to delight and uses them beautifully in her narration which was really entertaining. 

Julia Eve performs this eerie tale by Gayle Buck tremendously, giving life to each individual.

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Children's Fiction

Time Lock square cover.jpg

Time Lock

Written by Linda Stephenson

Published by Jasper Rabbit Books

Time Lock - Julia Eve
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Audiobook Cover.jpg

All About Archie: Bringing Up A Puppy

Written by Helen Edwards

All About Archie - Julia Eve
00:00 / 00:00